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زحل في برج القوس SATURN IN SAGITTARIUS

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زحل في برج القوس SATURN IN SAGITTARIUS
بقلم المنجمة : Lynn Koiner

2015 through 2017

A new energy of Fire


[left]On December 23, 2014, Saturn entered the sign of Sagittarius where it will stay in the early degrees until June 14, 2015, when it returns to Scorpio. It will not be until September 18 that Saturn returns to Sagittarius.

Jeanne Mozier feels and I have observed that many will sense of new vision, a new direction and a lightening of the energies because of the Fire and Visionary element of Sagittarius. Yet, the rational has not returned. Vision and inspiration may seem like logic but they are not. Later, in August, when Jupiter enters Virgo, we will have the practical energies of an Earth sign. Earth improves organization and systematizes details - but it is practical, not logical.

What I am telling my clients is that early 2015 will be a sense of something new about to happen, a new vision and a new direction, but the timing is not right for bolting out of the starting gate. From June through September 2015, Saturn retreats back into Scorpio in the late degrees.

Many will be drawn to go back and finish up issues and projects from the past. We cannot move forward with a lot of loose ends from the past cycle holding us back.

When Saturn is in the late degrees, it is always an ending cycle, a time to end what no longer works in our lives. Once it returns to Sagittarius, according to Jeanne, it will lift the delusions created by Neptune in Pisces. The lessons of Sagittarius are connected with freedom, open-mindedness and truth. Of course, there is a big difference between the Facts and the Truth!

Esoterically, Jeanne feels that Great Beings meet at the winter solstice in the month of December to prepare the vision for the coming year. We must clear away the dross in our thinking and feeling so that the vision can come in.

Visions do get distorted - for example, "if you give the vision of sharing and universal equality (communism) to Russian peasants, look at what you get!! Giving the vision of Islam to a bunch of goat herders, look at what you get!"

In 1985, I wrote an article on Saturn entering the sign of Sagittarius which I have updated:
Saturn rules the value system of a period, lasting from 2-2.5 years. These values are determined by our fears and concerns. Children born while Saturn is in Sagittarius (through 2017) will be imbued with Sagittarian concerns as Saturn sets the standard for the rules and regulations that we set for the children born at this time.

When Saturn is in Scorpio, it prevailed upon our fears and survival issues which made up our value system during that period. Scorpio fears deal with overwhelming circumstances that seem beyond our control.

Saturn in Sagittarius is like a breath of fresh air since it rules more abstract values such as codes, ethics, quality control, upgrading standards, credentialing and standards of Truth.

Those with vision, those who can see the Big Picture, those who can upgrade and maintain high standards, will do very well in this cycle.

In 1986, after the Challenger explosion, poor standards were uncovered at NASA. Those who stood alone in their voice against the launch and who had earlier protested against the low standards were put in charge of NASA.

In the 1950s, when Saturn was in Scorpio, the over-whelming fear-ridden issues were the communist headhunting of Senator Joseph McCarthy, the first nuclear submarine, bomb shelter commercials and the beginnings of the civil rights movement with Brown versus the Board of Education. All of the fears were connected in some way to survival - even the survival of white folks with desegregation. The great health fear was Polio. In the 1980s, it was AIDs.

The shift into Sagittarius took us from McCarthy's "communist in every corner" to the vision of the Space Age. New breakthroughs in the fields of science inspired us to a new vision, with the new vision taking us away from the old fears. Transportation, communications and education are emphasized by Sagittarius. This Saturn transit brought the first civil rights bill that implemented (even under the stress connected with the limited vision of some people) educational rights for black, minorities and even white people.

As technology advances under Sagittarius so will the need for better education and a return to the sciences. In the Sagittarius cycle of the late 1950s, students turned away from liberal arts degrees to degrees in business and science.

At that time, the scientific breakthroughs occurred with the first satellites. With the exploration in space came the discovery of the Van Allen radiation belt and many other discoveries that expanded the vision of man. In the earlier Sagittarius cycle, we saw Lindbergh make the first successful non-stop solo flight from New York to Paris.

That last cycle seemed so long ago but the Federal Aid Highway Act was signed inaugurating the interstate highway system. We had the first Trans-Atlantic telephone cable service - now we have satellites! In this older cycle, the first domestic jet airline passenger service commenced.

Sagittarius emphasizes honesty, higher standards and values, and standards of truth. There is a strong pattern of major scandals when a planet (Jupiter outwards) enters Sagittarius. This is different from the nefarious Saturn in Scorpio with scandals that are highly covert and dark. With Sagittarius, the individuals will fare better if they tell the truth. If the accused "puts their cards on the table," their reputation can be saved; if not, they go down with the scandal.

When Jupiter was in Sagittarius, there was the Gary Powers U-2 incident. Initially, Eisenhower lied to the American people, denying the U.S. involvement. Fortunately, as steps were being taken to impeach Eisenhower, he put his cards on the table and candidly confided that we are indeed spying of the Russians - this was the Cold War and it was a matter of national security. All was forgiven when Eisenhower told the truth. In the next Jupiter in Sagittarius cycle, the Pentagon Papers revealed the U.S. involvement in Vietnam.

When Neptune entered Sagittarius, Spiro Agnew was thrown under the bus by Nixon but Nixon soon followed with the Watergate Scandal.

My personal favorite - better than a reality show - with Saturn and Uranus in Sagittarius was the Jim and Tammy Baker Tele-Evangelical Scandal. This popular couple were pocketing money that was supposed to go to charities, they over sold condos in their PTL complex and there were sex scandals galore! That scandal ended the popularity of these shows. Even President Reagan had to "come clean," after denying the exchange of arms for hostages, and admit that "mistakes" were made in the Iran-Contra Affair. He accepted full responsibility for this event. This is exactly what you should do when planets transit Sagittarius.

In the earlier Saturn in Sagittarius cycle, Albert Fall, former Secretary of the Interior, was convicted of bribery - that was called the Teapot Dome Scandal!

It is hard to believe that the current Do-Nothing Congress will do anything but, in the past Sagittarian cycle, there were major acts of legislation.
The first Civil Rights Bill was passed
The Voting Rights Act of 1960
A Constitutional Amendment lowering the voting age to 18 years
The death penalty deemed unconstitutional
Congress over-rode Reagan's veto of the stiff sanctions against South Africa (human rights issues) - and they over-rode Reagan's veto of the civil rights bill
Even the Supreme Court was active, stating that women could not be barred from "men's clubs"

With Jupiter in Virgo, beginning in August 2015, there can be gene mutations that do good and protect against diseases.
Expansion in Air and Space - I have observed that the horoscope of the airplane (the first flight at Kitty Hawk) has Sagittarius prominent and it is always triggered when there are aero-space breakthroughs and disasters.
There will be continued crises with the European Union due to the Saturn Return in the Treaty of Rome that formed the EU
Watch out for the German government. Angela Merkel (July 17 1954) grew up under communism and, just before the Crimea Crisis, she and Putin were "crawling into bed" with each other with a Free Trade Agreement for Peace. Germany resents supporting the other floundering EU countries.
Congress may pass immigration laws but nothing will change.
Syria will disappear and a new state is emerging that is scary, run by terrorists. The Syrian people will be gone by 2016 with the terrorist takeover.
With Neptune in Pisces and Saturn in Sagittarius, religion will be a big deal. "Frank" is what happens when you let God pick your leader! See discussion at the end of this article. Truth and honesty will strike the corrupt Vatican Bank.
The Uranus-Pluto alignment will challenge the cultural revolution of the 1960s. We should see great shifts in China.
A new vision for higher education - does the person who you are hiring really know how to do that job?! Will your degree get you a job? In an airport discussion with a fellow passenger, he told me that he was involved in a movement in Texas to teach the trades where the student really could get a job after graduation.
There will be a focus upon integrity in media; a mobilization in media when journalists remember what their job really is.
Truth Seeking versus Lie Worshipping, especially in politics.
Anti-aging drugs (in the last Pluto in Leo cycle, Ponce De Leon was searching for the foundation of youth; the current Pluto in Leo ladies are seeking the same)
Explosive events in Pakistan (this government has reinstated the death penalty to hang terrorists)
The new countries that were formed in 1989 are having their first Saturn Return, including the Russian Independence (a 5 year span with Saturn in Sagittarius and Capricorn)
The Iran-Iraq war ended with the last transit of Saturn in Sagittarius

At least through 2018, Pluto and Uranus will be transiting Cardinal signs. The Cardinal signs will cause problems associated with the endocrine system, specially the adrenal and thyroid glands. Cardinal signs respond to all crises. They can respond by trying to organize a crisis, mediate a crisis, address the crises head-on or simply go into an avoidance mode and internalize the crises in the life.

This is the list of Cardinal Crisis health symptoms due to Adrenal stress and Cortisol Imbalance:
Shakiness, higher heart rate and a pounding heart when you move.
Panic Attacks.
Inability to handle stress and difficulty focusing.
Emotional Sensitivity - even becoming paranoid at times.
Episodes of low blood sugar (you feel better when you eat - eating stopped some of my shakiness)
Severe headaches - as soon as my Cortisol levels spike, I get a terrible headache and aspirin does not help.
Chronic Fatigue and constant hungries.
Breathing more to get more oxygen.
Dark circles under the eyes (I never had this),
Persistent Allergies.
IBS/diarrhea symptoms
Critical insomnia - Cortisol will keep you awake.
Insomnia (I never realized that I had serious sleeping problems until I took DHEA liquid and Seriphos and slept soundly for the first time in years)
Calcium Loss, even for men!
In my medical research, I have determined that the endocrine system is ruled by Cardinal signs. With so many planets transiting Cardinal signs plus Neptune in Pisces, mental health issues, ADD and ADHD will come to the forefront.

When Saturn was transiting Scorpio - and it will return to this sign from June through September 2015 - issues connected with the Thyroid (psychologically, from swallowing one's words), Colitis from fears and situations that you cannot stomach, and back pain due from shouldering overwhelming burdens.

With Saturn entering Sagittarius, the most common health issue will be Sciatica, a very painful inflammation of the large sciatic nerve that runs down the back of the leg. Sometimes, the sciatic nerve is inflamed when our potassium levels are low (often from too much salt in the diet). If this is a possibility, Twin Labs Super K is the fastest remedy. However, sciatica can also arise from a fear of moving forward with the changes that come with the shift into this new sign.

Sagittarius shows us a vision of change. When we become paralyzed with a fear of change and moving forward, the leg is actually immobilized by the sciatic nerve. I experienced this years ago when Uranus entered Sagittarius. I knew that my life would totally change and I was afraid.

Since Sagittarius is a Mutable sign, fears and fear of change can impact the lymphatic system. This can cause inflammation of the lymphatic glands in the body, edema, ear infections, and sinusitis and, at its worse, a hardening of the connective tissues (Scleroderma).

Individuals who are set in their old ways may experience respiratory ailments when they feel that they cannot breathe under the demands of the higher standards of Sagittarius. When we feel under the pressure of criticism, health issues can manifest through the liver. This includes diabetes.

With any transit involving Sagittarius, it is essential that we be honest - in our actions and about what we are feeling. If one senses the pressures and demands of higher performance, be honest about what you feel and express this to those around you.[/left]


زحل في برج القوس SATURN IN SAGITTARIUS

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Thanks for the article The most health issues connected to Saturn through 2015 - 2017

And the behavior of individual in this period

شكرا لهذه المادة بارك الله فيكم
في معظم القضايا الصحية المتصلة زحل خلال 2015 - 2017
  وسلوك الفرد في هذه الفترة مهمه
She has also articles about Transiting Uranus crosses Eris
Saturn retrograde 2015
Uranus Retrograde 2015
Neptune Retrograde 2015
Pluto Retrograde 2015

زحل في برج القوس SATURN IN SAGITTARIUS

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[left]Saturn retrograde 2015


Saturn turning retrograde will slow down the normal rate of activity so that better methods and strategies can be developed. Saturn rules the physical and psychological supports, structures and armatures in our life. It produces the rules and regulations by which we guide our lives, our sense of responsibility, and our limitations. It allows us to define boundaries for ourselves by saying NO! When Saturn is natally retrograde, this capacity does not function properly, making us insecure and unable to accurately assess what can realistically be expected in any situation. The most common flaw is the tendency to say YES when we should say NO, especially in activities and relationships ruled by Saturn’s house position.

Stress hits – do not make commitments or financial decisions on these dates:
Saturn is actually well aspected to the outer planets in Water Signs during the Summer of 2015. Then, it begins making favorable aspects to planets in other Fire Signs.

During the period when Saturn is transiting retrograde, it is essential that we go back and assess and solidify commitments made, projects started and responsibilities undertaken in the past. This must be done before we can continue. Saturn transiting retrograde provides the opportunity to reassess what we have taken on, to finally say NO, to back out of a commitment and to improve the organization of a project. While the process is going on, while you are working with what you have at hand, you should be warned against taking on any unnecessary responsibilities or long-range commitments. Only deal with issues from the past; do not take on new ones!

Saturn turning retrograde gives us the opportunity to go back and reorganize or renegotiate any activities or commitments that seem to be a source of frustration. If you merely persist under Saturn frustrations, the frustrations will merely persist! Weed out the source of frustration at this time. Remember, my definition for being responsible is in knowing how much you can do before you start to feel frustrated, trapped or confined – and drawing the line and saying NO before you reach that point! It is essential that you do not start any new business activity while Saturn is retrograde!! You will only find that a lot of reorganizing has to be done before any successes can be made.[/left]

زحل في برج القوس SATURN IN SAGITTARIUS

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Uranus Retrograde 2015


Uranus tends to be more potent and more Uranian when retrograde. When Uranus is direct in the natal chart, intuitive and inventive impulses flow on a regular basis but, when it is retrograde, this energy builds to a certain level and then it explodes forth as in a “Eureka!” experience.
In this building-up process, Uranus tends to be more potent and more willfully dogmatic. Uranus’ retrograde motion tends to stimulate deep psychological investigation and analysis. Its research, however, seeks answers that satisfies the mind and explains “Why?”. This is frequently observed in people who have Uranus retrograde natally as they make mountains out of molehills in their quest to know WHY!

Obviously, this is an excellent time for mental studies that explore human behavior and psychology. It favors activities that require bursts of inventive and intuitive energy. It favors psychological counseling connected with freedom urges and disconnected patterns of relating.

When Uranus is retrograde natally, the rebellious urges tend to bottle up, bottle up and then burst forth seemingly out of nowhere. This stems from the fact that these people need to make changes internally before they can manifest them in the external world. During this “processing” phase, the individual rarely realizes just how rebellious he or she is. When Uranus transits retrograde, it will reawaken freedom urges causing the individual to suddenly rebel against any ruts or confinement in the life. I feel that it is better to process what needs to change while Uranus is retrograde and actualize the change when it turns direct. The retrograde simply makes you aware but it is generally not wise to impulsively act upon an awareness.

زحل في برج القوس SATURN IN SAGITTARIUS

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Neptune Retrograde 2015


Similar to the natal retrograde Neptune, the transiting retrograde causes sensitivity and receptivity to be much more acute. Due to this heightened receptivity, we are allowed to see far more than is possible when Neptune is direct. This is possibly a result of augmented intuitive or inner vision that bestows a different and more insightful perspective on matters.

Delusional hits:
+ September 16-17: Neptune opposes Jupiter in Virgo – ESTABLISH BOUNDARIES NOW!!
+ October 6-7: Neptune opposes Mars in Virgo – do not listen to discouragement; actions may fizzle out due to perfectionistic discouragement.

When Neptune turns retrograde, our feelings are more astute at picking up and perceiving the illusive. It is easier to ascertain information about issues that have eluded us while Neptune was direct. Delphine Jay feels that it is essential that we do something about the problems that we pick up on while Neptune is retrograde because they can worsen when Neptune goes direct. I personally have noticed that, if you do not work on an internal level while Neptune is retrograde, you will be plagued by feelings of disillusion and vague dissatisfaction.

As one’s perceptions become more acute, it is important to listen more, listen to the “inner voice,” so that you can see more of what is going on around you. It is essential that you talk about what you are feeling, sensing or absorbing because Neptune retrograde can produce a type of psychic overload for very sensitive people. Heightened sensitivity can be both an asset and a liability.

It is important that you avoid drugs, chemicals and stimulants while Neptune is retrograde. Protect yourself by refraining from associating with addictive personalities, psychic attractions, and overwhelming people who drain your energies. Wearing black tourmaline can funnel off negative energy and psychic attack. If you feel a little paranoid during the retrograde period, it may be that you are picking up too much from your external environment. As an asset, this period is excellent for using and cultivating your psychic perceptions. I am not aware of the augmentation during the retrograde period but I am aware that my abilities seem to diminish when Neptune turns direct.

زحل في برج القوس SATURN IN SAGITTARIUS

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Pluto Retrograde 2015

✭ PLUTO TURNS RETROGRADE – APRIL 16-17 through SEPTEMBER 24-25 2015 ✭

In the natal chart, Pluto tends to operate even more Plutonian when it is retrograde. It is far more intense, it possesses a higher degree of concentration and it, therefore, gives greater insights into the subconscious. Because of this intensity, the individual can see much more than normally possible and it is easy to become suspicious of the motives of others.

The powers of regeneration are far greater when retrograde. People with a natal retrograde Pluto have a tremendous ability to overcome major illnesses that might otherwise cause permanent disability. Remember, retrograde motion is always directed toward inner activity such as the psyche or psychological patterns that affect the physical body. Direct motion, on the other hand, is directed towards external circumstances.

Under any Pluto transit, we feel pressured to eliminate and release the old, outworn, outdated and obsolete in our lives. When Pluto is transiting retrograde, we are urged to let go of attitudes, thinking or communication patterns, security drives, rigid emotions; a time to undergo an internal form of house cleaning.

It is a good time to research into our own Souls in order to determine exactly what we do or do not need. Because Pluto retrograde imparts an intense power for investigation, we should use this time to assess what reoccurring patterns in our lives make us feel out of control, where and why do we continually give our power away, and under what circumstances do we react so defensively that we elicit attacks from others. Pluto retrograde marks a time wherein we should seek to gain greater control over our personal life; Pluto direct is better for gaining control over professional and financial areas.

My most frequent observation of Pluto retrograde is that many people do seek some form of regenerative activity. I have seen people undertake a series of internal cleansings, detoxifying diets, Eastern disciplines that put them in touch with the inner self and even intense psychological reforms.

زحل في برج القوس SATURN IN SAGITTARIUS

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Mars retrograde 2014

From MARCH 1 through MAY 19 2014, the planet Mars will be in retrograde motion. This period is inappropriate for activities requiring the normal flow of Mars initiative. Using the constructive aspects of these transits, it is an excellent time to reinforce some aspect of our lives. This will be shown by the House position of this transit.

When Mars is retrograde, it depletes the vitality so that it is never a time to initiate. *Whoever initiates loses*— a new project, a great love, an argument, a lawsuit, or an international war. With a new project, it will fizzle out and never really go anywhere. With a hot romance, it too fizzles and it rarely gets to the alter. With an argument, the hostility will come back to haunt you later. In legal matters, stoke your opponent into initiating the lawsuit first. It will be etched in granite that they will lose. In an international war, whoever fires first will automatically lose or ultimately withdraw. Matters commenced while Mars is retrograde will be frustrated and plagued with disruptions until they finally fizzle out. At this time, people become irritated when activities do not run smoothly. The anger may disrupt indirectly and inappropriately – like getting a traffic ticket when you feel annoyed with your job.

During this cycle, never buy anything mechanical unless it is heavily insured! Office machinery and computers easily break down. A friend who owned a word processing service found this period to always be a disaster. During one retrograde cycle, the printer, the back-up printer and the rented printer all failed to work. When they finally got one that worked, the mailing labels printed but there was no ink! I often notice that the world needs a brake job when Mars in retrograde.

Those who have Aries or Scorpio strong in their horoscopes are dramatically affected by this shift in direction of their natural ruler. For Arians, they find themselves being less aggressive, less pushy and less impatient to have THEIR WAY in a situation. Both Mars-ruled types find themselves more inclined to sit back and review matters in a more detached or impersonal way. They feel more patient to wait on circumstances to unfold before they take action. These individuals may not recognize the anger they feel inside. They may express an unusual passiveness while under fire because they need too much processing time before they can retaliate. Only when Mars turns direct can they move the Mars energy forward.

For those who are NOT ruled by Mars, it may feel quite differently. They may feel more impatient to force matters to a conclusion, to get a project going or to take immediate action. This would be an unwise course of action! Remember, initiating or impulsively taking action will not work to your favor.

In GOOD DAYS ACTION PLANNING GUIDE, Mary Shea describes an ideal way to handle Mars retrograde. “You go back over situations (either in your mind or in reality), doing things again and again while making corrections in the way you handle events. While Mars is retrograde, you will be reviewing the way you handle anger, self-defense, self-motivation and sexual relationships… outward anger or conflicts may not be appropriate.” She rightfully feels that using passive-aggressive techniques, manipulation, arbitration or subtle power plays may be more appropriate at this time. “If you are normally non-assertive, you may be forced to defend yourself. Whatever your tactics, you must give thought to what you are doing. If your tactics do not work or they are inappropriate to the situation, your anger will continue to build while Mars is retrograde. You can expect the anger to manifest full-blown by the time Mars turns direct. If you have seriously wronged or angered another with…acts of aggression, you can expect the backlash as Mars turns direct.”

When the 1997 Retrograde got underway in Libra and Virgo, I noticed that non-aggressive types seemed to now be intolerant of lazy people who waste their time. They were not willing to take action and eliminate the non-essential personnel. One Pisces man felt that it was a bad time for employees when it was actually a time when he had grown intolerant of intolerable work practices by irresponsible workers. In 1999, with Mars in Scorpio and Libra, I met many people from my past, people whom I had not seen in a long time. The connections were temporary. I found myself dealing with manipulative emotional outbursts in others but I reacted with calmness and just listened to what they had to say. In 2001, there were daily accidents on our Beltway, tying up traffic for miles. Other cities reported the same. McVeigh’s execution was postponed exactly as Mars went Retrograde which put the spotlight on John Doe #3 and #4 and a possible cover-up conspiracy.

When Mercury went Retrograde with Mars, a US and a British missile crashed upon launching. In 2003, at its Station, there was an unsuccessful coup in the Philippines. There were many terrorists bombings, including the bombing of the UN headquarters in Baghdad. There were several oustings, referendums and resignations of political leaders during this cycle.

ATTENTION: There is a much longer article on mars Retrograde under Retrogrades 2013-14. Check this out.

زحل في برج القوس SATURN IN SAGITTARIUS

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Venus Retrograde for 2015


From JULY 25 through SEPTEMBER 8 2015, the planet Venus will be retrograde. The retrograde motion of an inner planet is an apparent phenomenon as viewed from earth in which Venus appears to move backwards in the sky. Every 1 ½ years, when Venus moves approximately 29 degrees ahead of the Sun (in the astrological ephemeris), it will begin to move backwards in the sky until it reaches a point approximately 21 to 29 degrees behind the Sun.

When Venus is retrograde, it provides lessons in evaluating the real worth and value of people and things in our life (Taurus-Libra issues). With existing relationships, this cycle produces experiences wherein it is easier to discern the relative worth and value of these people in your life.
Discrimination is more effective. You become readily aware of any problems, differences or unresolved issues.

It is NOT a time, however, to act upon any unfavorable awareness. It is purely a time of evaluation rather than direct action. As little frictions and disagreements crop up, they serve to remind you that the relationship is not perfect. Under the retrograde influence, you must assess the severity of the problem and the “cost-benefit” of the relationship. Only after Venus turns direct should you initiate any alienation if this is deemed necessary.

زحل في برج القوس SATURN IN SAGITTARIUS

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Mercury Retrograde 2015 Plus Crises Lunations


JANUARY 21 – FEBRUARY 11; MAY 18-19 – JUNE 11-12; SEPTEMBER 17 – OCTOBER 9 2015
(the change date depends upon your time zone)

The traditional statement about Mercury retrograde is that it favors anything that begins with the prefix “re-” — re-negotiate, re-vamp, re-new, re-vise, return, re-issue, re-visit, re-finance because the word retrograde itself means “to go back and retrace one’s steps.”
Many people call me about how to handle the decision-making process while Mercury is retrograde. Always, decisions should only be made on contingency! With the element of flexibility added to any change or decision, there seems to be some guarantee of success. This period also favors finishing up work or returning to complete a project. This motion can provide new insights into the material. It favors re-considering prior decisions and getting others to change their minds about a previously-made decision. Precision is always disrupted by a retrograde Mercury. Going with the flow, keeping options open, using contingency methods and intuitively processing as you go along seem to give the flexibility needed to avoid Retrograde Mishaps.
Most of the time, Mercury retrograde is about as welcome as a tax audit! The left hemisphere of the brain is out to lunch, nothing works when you want it to, and nothing turns out as planned. Generally speaking, this is not a time to make any major commitments or sign any contracts or papers because you will change your mind. It is not a time to place any importance in the decisions or commitments of others since they, too, will change their minds. Sign agreements only on contingency! All changes are subject to delays, last-minute postponements or mix-ups.
This is a bad time to obtain a medical diagnosis or visit a doctor for the first time. You may not be able to obtain an accurate diagnosis until Mercury turns direct. It is better for a later diagnosis. In 2004, I was quite ill and no diagnosis during Mercury retrograde was accurate.
General repairs are not favored when Mercury is retrograde and these frequently have to be done over again. Never purchase anything associated with transportation or communication – such as a car, a bicycle, tape recorder, TV or even shoes. Such purchases will not last long or they will be plagued with malfunctions – if they work at all!
When Mercury is retrograde and afflicting another transiting planet, this causes major communication and decision-making errors in judgment. It is not a time to travel and, when driving your self, exercise great caution. People are more inclined to be accident prone.

NOTE: I started an IAA course when Mercury was Retrograde. Due to storms in my area and the area of the students, some of the classes was canceled and rescheduled. All turned out well as I always choose a good date astrologically.


Crisis Lunation periods occurs when, at the time that the Moon is New or Full, the Moon is physically very close to the earth. This closeness-lunation parallel will amplify our emotional reactions, bringing matters to a crisis point. This Crisis Moon period usually begins about one week before the New/Full Moon and lasts several days afterward. I find that you are only affected by one of the Crisis Moon periods, usually one that falls close to a natal planet.

When a crisis arises, my advice is always to “stay calm, relax and make no impulsive decisions for at least a week.” The most critical are eclipses. The most potent occurred on April 15, 1995, because it occurred at the time of a Lunar Eclipse. Of course, the event it portended was the Oklahoma City bombing as the Eclipse fell on the ASC/DESC axis over that city. The WTC/Pentagon attack occurred within a wide orb of a Crisis Lunation. The US invaded Iraq on a Crisis Full Moon in March 2003.
I remember one example – a father called about his daughter who had run away from home about 4 days before the CFM. I told him what was occurring and that he should wait for about a week and she would likely return home….and she did. After the effects of the CFM were over, she became rational again. Hormones and a CFM are not a good mix!
During the year, there are generally 4 Crisis New Moons and 4 Crisis Full Moons. There is usually only ONE of these CFMs that hits you — generally, not all of them …. and you cannot always tell which one it is going to be.
When it hits, you go crazy and your emotions are magnified. But, when the Moon begins to move away from the earth, we calm down. I am a Virgo so a rational explanation is very satisfying for me. If I know that I am feeling this way because of some astrological/astronomical configuration, it makes it seem OK and I feel much better.

I first noticed this lunation in the early 1970s when my grandfather was in a nursing home. I saw that there were certain lunations in which the patients, called the Walkers, would pace more than usual. At that time, all I had was the Farmers Almanac to determine what was going on with the Moon. At first, I only used the Full Moon. Many years later, I saw that another astrologer, Richard Nolle, used the Perigee New Moon…and he is absolutely correct. These work the same.


NEW MOON: January 20, February 18, March 20 (Solar Eclipse) and April 18

FULL MOON: August 29, September 28 (Lunar Eclipse), and October 27
NEW PERSONAL EXPERIENCES: Full Moon: The Full Moon of July 3 2012 was 2 days away from perigee. It seemed like the worst Crises Lunation to me with the horrible storm, loss of power and the loss of my beautiful Yard Tractor when a huge tree fell on it, crushing all but the headlights.

Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse: On April 25 2013, the Perigee Moon occurred at the time of the lunar eclipse. This has been a terrible time with fires, explosions and political crises. Around May 25, another eclipse, bridges collapsed and earthquakes brought destruction. Personally, I have had health issues around these eclipses and mechanical problems – a DVD got stuck in my TV with a DVD combo and then a CD got stuck in my car CD player (at least, the car is still on warranty).

Full Moon: I have been experiencing endocrine-related health issues since last November (2012). After finding a wonderful doctor and feeling much improved, the July 20 2013 Full Moon brought a big-time relapse for reasons I do not understand. It could have been stress-related – the impending county fair, a friend visiting, and NCGR conference – but I improved by August 13.

Full Moon: The Full Moon Crises Lunation of August 21 2013 was the one that hit me with a vengeance. I am a very cautious driver and, on the 20th, despite wonderful transits and progressions in my chart for this period, I had a very bad accident pulling out of the visitors’ center in Wildwood New Jersey. I was so cautious pulling out because the road visibility was poor. A truck filled with young people, who were obviously speeding, hit my car. If the good aspects helped, the worse did not happen. We were fine, no damage to the truck (the driver claimed I did all kinds of damage but I clued the insurance company of what he was trying to pull and I had photos to prove my point), and the kind folks at the visitors’ center came out and helped tie the bumper back onto the car so that I could continue my trip. Everyone was so kind there. I learned on this trip that any visitors’ center can arrange discount rooms.

The Perigee Full Moon on June 13 2014 occurred with Mercury R. My little cat, Nosey, became very will with a respiratory disorder. With Mercury R, I finally left her with the Vet on the 3rd visit, since she was not improving. I worry so much about my cats so it was definitely a crisis for me.

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